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  • Developer Damien Crawford
  • Release Date 14 July 2021
  • Platforms PC
  • Price 3.99 USD



'There May Be Ninety-Nine Of Us, But We Have To Win In Ninety-Nine Turns!' is a masochistic Puzzle RPG inspired by kaizo games. There is no randomness. Plan perfectly for the enemy at hand, swap out your 99 party members flawlessly, and manage the party's equipment down to the smallest stat - or wipe.


  • A strategy/puzzle RPG where you have to figure out how to best handle each battle!
  • Deal with learning how 99 different characters can be used, and how to manage having 5 characters out at one time!
  • Learn how to use buffs & debuffs, and adapt to enemy action patterns!
  • Varied enemies and equipment access create constant adaptation!
  • No open world, grinding, or missable items! No time wasting, just gameplay!


I enjoy watching speedruns of really hard platforming games but I lack the reflexes to learn to do them myself. However, I like making difficult RPGs, so I wanted to try and do that sort of thing myself. An RPG where there's no miss/crit chance, and no leveling. Just a real test of how well you can learn and adjust to the systems put before you.


I'm an independent game developer from Sacramento, and I've been making games since 2012. I've participated in multiple game jams and produced games ranging from diceless tabletop games to traditional 40-hour RPGs.

I run 'I Wasn't Gonna Make This Anyway Jam', where instead of taking time to make a game, you make materials for a fake game. I ran the 'Shorter Games With Worse Graphics' bundle. I also have a twitter bot that generates news reports that could happen in RPGs.


Coding: Yanfly, SumRndmDde, Fallen Angel Olivia, Damien Crawford

Music: Karugamo BGM, Damien Crawford

Engine & Art: Enterbrain, KADOKAWA, Damien Crawford

Writing, Design, Etc.: Damien Crawford

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