A downloadable golf pamphlet


  • Developer Damien Crawford
  • Release Date 1 April 2022 (27 April 2022 for Steam)
  • Platforms PC
  • Price 1.99 USD


In "Damien Crawford's Golf Experience 2022", play as someone who has the most basic understanding of golf.

You can't tell exactly how far the hole is. You can't apply any spin to the ball, or attempt to curve shots around trees. You can't even see where the ball goes after you hit it.

You can pick a club. You can decide about how hard you want to swing. You can track the ball down to hit it again.


  • A sports/golf game where your patience is tested on a single long course.
  • Become accustomed to a game that doesn't tell you ahead of time how far the hole is, or how far you can hit the ball, or how terrain influences things.
  • Adapt to having limited information, and get a better understanding of what it means to have no experience.
  • No time wasting on what clubs to bring, what golfer to pick or stats to care about, or gauging the wind and the shift of terrain; just gameplay!


I've been golfing twice in my life, and neither was enjoyable (though that may have been influenced by who I was there with). Golfing video games have all these gauges, arrows, methods of spin, and an array of information that you don't get in real life. You can't tell that the hole is 208 yards away in real life or that the wind is southeasterly at 7 mph. You just know you have a ways to go yet and the wind is in your face at an angle. So why not take the more realistic approach for this kind of game. While the graphics may be simplistic, the point is to let there be no illusions about what the game really is.


I'm an independent game developer from Sacramento, and I've been making games since 2012. I've participated in multiple game jams and produced games ranging from diceless tabletop games to traditional 40-hour RPGs.

I've run several jams such as 'I Wasn't Gonna Make This Anyway Jam', where instead of taking time to make a game, you make materials for a fake game. I ran both 'Shorter Games With Worse Graphics' bundles. I also have a twitter bot that generates news reports that could happen in RPGs.


Coding: Yanfly, Cutievirus, Damien Crawford

Music: Damien Crawford

Engine & Art: Enterbrain, KADOKAWA, Damien Crawford

Writing, Design, Etc.: Damien Crawford

Trailer: Alan Dang, Hunter Bond

Find additional game screenshots in the press folder!


DCGE'22 PressKit.zip 3 MB