A downloadable game for Windows

HeroRun is a game where you play a hero that can't fight back, and must retreat from monsters! Pick up four keys to unlock the exit!

Arrow keys to move, Space bar to start level and select things sometimes.

It's a simple arcade-style game, try it out!

12/11 Update:
Floor count increased to 20.
Tile colors changed to reduce eye strain.
Can change the keyboard settings in the Options menu.

Install instructions

Download & program instructions:
1. Click the download button below.
2. Once the file has finished downloading, unzip the folder.
3. It should ask you where to extract the game folder to. Pick someplace where you'll remember the game is (My Documents, for example).
4. Once that is finished, open the 'HeroRun Demo' folder.
5. Double-click on 'Game.exe'.


HeroRun Demo.zip 61 MB

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