A downloadable potential abomination for Windows and macOS

This is a project I've been wanting to make for some time, and after a few failed tries and lost motivation when #StaySafeJam came up I figured it was time to give it a proper go. I would like to make this into a full game at some point (or at least with more than one enemy), but we'll see if I get around to that.

This is about preparation and using the whole party to its greatest potential. Equipping everyone and setting their resource generation mode is important. The enemy will always act in the same order and target the same characters in its action cycle (though when it alerts you that the enemy is changing their tactics at certain Hp thresholds this will be a new cycle to adjust to). There are no variable amounts of damage, hit rates, critical chance, or whatever. If you do the same thing you should get the same result.

Party members can be switched through an individual character's Switch command, or by hitting Esc and switching out any party member with the Formation command. This uses an ATB system where 5 party members are active at once, but you have 99 total characters available. Many have passive skills and passive aura skills so try to keep track!

This build is very buggy and I tore some code from older games without much editing so please be patient with it at times. Please leave feedback and if I should try and expand on this at all, or if I should leave it be.

Immediate thoughts for future updates: Make it so not all equipment is usable by literally anyone, remove Tp Modes that are irrelevant to individual characters, more enemies, unique character skills, actual maps to navigate.

Patch Notes for Jun 07 non-Jam build:

-Character stat rebalance.
-Add "Special" equipment slot for certain characters like Arcturus for his Sidearm or Josephine's Hearing Aids
-Status effect color coding now more consistent.
-All status effects (except general Passives, but including unique ones) have a tooltip when targeting characters in battle. Some have names that need to be fixed but I use them for sorting right now and will finish adjusting later.
-Rebalanced several of the unique bonus/penalty status effects, such as removing the Tp Regen penalty from Juturna's 'Fastcast' (but keeping its Tp Gen penalty).
-Audamar's 'Invest' now delays 'Payout' for 4 turns instead of 5.
-'Stigmata' no longer activates the second part of 'Blood Pool'.
-Passive Skills that grant "bonus to X Stat the higher/lower your Hp" were +100% for both; they're now +75% for higher, and +150% for lower.
-Emergency Skills added! These cost Ep, a resource that currently does not recharge during battles. They are instant speed and work only on the user. Will be watching carefully.
-A short addition to the tutorial battle about the difference between Hp, Tp, and Ep.

older Patch Notes for non-Jam build:
-Particular Tp Modes have been removed for characters that saw no benefit.
-Due to Tp Mode adjustments, Tsubame, Francis, and Juturna should no longer be able to use an infinite Tp loop.
-'Adrenaline Rush' and 'Fading Confidence' now work as intended.
-Added some extra text for equipment.
-Equipment Sets implemented! You can receive these from the new chest on the map. You can activate the chest again for Rings, which will allow for more set combinations.
-Class defensive multipliers work properly. They were inverted, meaning classes like the Bard and Dancer had a x1.2 multiplier to DEF and MDF instead of x0.8, so while they had low Hp they were tanking as well as the Warrior.
-Each character now has unique skills that set them apart from others.
-Due to her new passive "Natural Leader", Josephine's stats have been lowered to compensate. It works out to a very slight buff to her base stats.
-Skill descriptions are more informative, such as mentioning if a skill is Passive or if its effect is immune to dispelling.
-Most characters can only equip specific weapons. Armors are diverse enough that it feels too restrictive to change accessibility for those, but I'll be watching for possible balance changes.
-Characters have starting equipment. It's not optimal so you're still encouraged to switch to what you prefer, but now there's something to help people feel less discouraged.
-Characters now start with the 'Adventurous' Tp Mode instead of 'Ordinary'. This should help for those who decide to just jump into combat the first time they play.
-Tp Modes now still function when KO'd. Characters will now be in much better fighting shape when they revive.
-Stats have been increased by x1000. This should give more accurate numbers (particularly in terms of Tp Generation) and help make gameplay feel both more precise and overwhelming.
-After adjusting for new stat calculations and some other changes, the Dark Lord has had her Hp halved and her DEF and MDF lowered slightly. This should help make the fight feel less exhausting.
-A few status effects now have tooltips you can mouse over when selecting characters. Still working on functionality for this.
-There is now a simple tutorial upon starting the fight to make sure you understand the basics of taking actions and explaining how Switch and Formation works and are different.
-Apparently the game engine had updated without me noticing and that's why the file size is much bigger than it ought to have been (and it didn't add new functionality that either you or I care about). This has since been corrected.


Kaizo Jam Game PC.zip 118 MB
Kaizo Jam Game Mac.zip 248 MB
Low Stats Kaizo Test Jun14 Mac.zip 92 MB
Low Stats Kaizo Test Jun14 PC.zip 91 MB