A downloadable minor atrocity for Windows and macOS

(There was a successful Kickstarter campaign for this game, so please check it out!)

This is the page for the Demo for 'I Have Low Stats But My Class Is "Leader", So I Recruited Everyone I Know To Fight The Dark Lord', or 'IHLSBMCILSIREIKTFTDL' for short. (the Early Access version which will eventually be the full version can be found here)

You primarily play as the main character Josephine, fated to defeat the Dark Lord. However, as she's generally unskilled in combat, she recruits literally everyone in her hometown to fight enemies with a party of 99 characters!


  • Nearly 100 characters to recruit and use!
  • A decent variety of skills and equipment for each character!
  • 24 different elemental types, from Slashing and Fire to Legal and Financial damage!
  • Plenty of status effects! Become Absolved, drown in Bloodlust, and deal with Allergies!
  • No leveling system; with so many characters, that's just excessive!
  • Rather than an open world, have a simple level-based world map! Never worry about missing out on anything!
  • Really, just dreadfully long boss fights! (I'm still working on making them better; the first iteration was worse if you can believe)
  • Puns! Mostly relegated to item descriptions and such, but if that's a selling point for you then great!

Please use the Discussion Board linked to on this page, contact me on Twitter at @DeveloperDamien, or email me at cannibalinteractive@gmail.com.

-(Feb 5th note: fixed bug involving leaving town onto world map.)

Noted for future updates:
Lots of art changes. It will look much uglier as development continues.
Lots of sound and music changes. It will sound much worse as development continues.
Different text for each character regarding the hat.
Swapped out the placeholder text boxes with actual information.
Expanded different recruitment dialogue regarding who's already in the party.
Bosses and status effects will eventually be re-balanced so multiple rounds of combat are required.

The game is currently not accepting payment, as I'm gearing up to set up a proper Early Access model, so please be on the lookout for that!

Install instructions

1. Once the file has finished downloading, unzip the folder.
2. It should ask you where to extract the game folder to. Pick someplace where you'll remember the game is (My Documents, for example).
3. Once that is finished, open the 'IHLSBMCILSIREIKTFTDL' folder.
4. Double-click on 'Game.exe'.



Development log