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Is there a way to adjust the mouse sensitivity? My hands are not that steady.

I lowered the sensitivity on my actual mouse to play this. No idea if the game engine allows such an in-game setting, but that would be great.

im thinking about getting it how long is the play time to beat it

Someone managed it in 8 hours, but most don't beat it.

im on the 5th level and my head hurts



This is absolutely the most hardcore maze game out there. There is literally nothing but your hubris and your impeding doom. This is a top tier puzzle game. People should be PLAYING this. 

Ha ha, thank you and I hope this means you're enjoying it!



The concept of the maze is so simple and the execution is so straightforward 

I've never seen another puzzle game that so plainly offers such a good challenge 

any chance of a mac version?

Sorry but no, there's no export option for the engine to do so.

aw darn


looks cool, but I forgot that it was say Labyrinth and now I have got a headache (On the first level Omg)

Looks very cool  but when I try to launch it it says "this folder is not a SGB project folder. Please click "test play" from the editor to test play the game"

I just checked both versions and they're working fine. Are you opening the .exe file?


I got to the part of the maze with the texture that scrolls downward, which made me really dizzy/motion sick so I had to stop...maybe I can power through it, but are there any other scrolling walls like that one?

Oh yeah, there's a few like that. I might be able to put out something without that, though it'd take a little time to do.

ah, if you could that'd be great! Not sure how to get around it unless the textures didn't scroll at all, though, or would move very very slowly(like move down once every 10 seconds or so).


It is done.
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Outstanding! What's your email or whatever preferred contact method for game keys?

Edit: Just curious, but about how long did you have to play for?

(+3) works for the email.

i probably played it for a solid 8 hours spread across 3 days, there was one time i was stuck on a floor for 40 solid minutes

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I'd say some amount of video proof of going through floor 49 to 50, or some screenshots of several floors including the end of floor 50.

I just want something that shows that you did indeed play the game without any hacking.

How long is this


50 floors. Early floors are generally smaller than later ones, but there is a mix to help break things up.

Farthest I've heard anyone getting so far is Floor 19 before giving up.

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any way to know what floor im on

edit: nevermind, im on floor 21


I wonder, is the bounty still on? I find it hard to believe that no one has beaten it yet...

It is, but I expect that people are still just trying out games in the bundle right now and not many are paying attention to how this has a bounty.

But yeah, haven't gotten an email or comment or tweet about it, so currently it's unclaimed.


I love hubris I'm in


my sincerest condolences

also, if that's really what you like, please check out my other games on here; mighty 99 specifically