A downloadable manifesto

I made this for #ManifestoJam; I couldn't think of a cool title for it, but I stand by what I say here. The download is just a text file of what I say below.

1. It Is What It Is - Don't dwell on that fact; if you don't like it, change it.

2. The Player Does Not Always Have To Have Fun - Make them struggle, feel lost, become curious.

3. No Regrets - Put everything you want to into the game and make sure you finish it enough to show people.

4. Do More Than Make Games - Doing only one thing all the time makes your own tastes bland. Go out sometimes and do things; it will make your work have a better perspective.

5. Destroy Things - If it's not useful, interesting, or it's too much work for the payoff, or you just really don't want to do it, or what ever, destroy it and move on without a second thought.

6. Ignore Opinions When Needed - Sometimes critique is important; other times you need to not pay attention. This is a tricky thing to balance, but very important.

7. Eliminate Fascists - In games and everything else, it is important to be intolerant of intolerance. If you want to argue that that's a logical paradox, fuck you because fascists will kill us all long before they care about what anyone says.

8. Fear Nothing - Being unsuccessful is the way you're gonna go. Accept it, hope to be surprised, and keep making shit.

9. Understanding Is Impossible - No one will truly understand the whole thing; some will not look, some will notice the surface, and others will appreciate some of the layers. But none will grasp the full thing. That is the work you do, because even though none will understand, only you can make it.

10. Become As Doom - Many know of Thanatos as a god of death, but few know of their sibling Moros, the bringer of doom. Do not give your players the ending; give them incentive to walk themselves off to that end.

11. Do Not Despair - There must always be some form of hope; no matter how small or fleeting, it must always exist, even if it seems difficult to find.

12. All Is Vanity, Purposeless, And Unfixed - Everything is inherently meaningless; things are only worth what we decide for ourselves. Value yourself, value your friends and comrades, and value what you do.

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