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In the world of Ego of Epimetheus, it is the 18th century, and society has begun to advance without any concern for the future of the world. Through the alchemical sciences and forbidden experiments, Mankind is no longer alone. Many of these new creations have found others like themselves and are a part of civilized society, and some have even been around long enough to establish societies of their own. But while some creations have worked out well, there are many more disasters and horrifying things that lurk at the edge of what a person can comprehend...

Players may take on the role of a variety of different character types and go on various adventures with others. You may play a stealthy Assassin, a Hunter that survives by collecting bounties, or an Abomination who has created an experiment of their own. You may adventure to a town to help stop the spread of an epidemic, whether that means delivering medical supplies and conducting examinations, or hunting down the person responsible for causing it.

Features include:

  • 10 different races
  • 11 character classes (currently; more are on the way)
  • Lots of different abilities and equipment to acquire
  • Uses a d2 system (that's right: coins) for simplicity

Please check it out and let me know what features you want me to add in! The price will increase as I continue to work and add more features (and potentially books) to the game. It's currently 38 pages, but will likely reach 100+ as I add monsters and other classes to it.

v.12 update:

  • Fixed stat typos in Races section
  • Starting Wealth explained better
  • Character Sheet updated
  • Most weapons also deal extra damage based on your Power, Agility, or Knowledge, depending on what's most relevant to the weapon type.
  • Charm now increases a character's Defense, as their willpower allows them to ignore attacks. (Really, Charm needed a buff, and it seems appropriate to make the face of the party be a hard one to kill off.)
  • Weapon range is explained better.
  • The Paragon and Ranger classes have been removed; their base power was weak, but the growth mechanic of their Unique Ability was interesting and will see further use.
  • All Classes now gain an additional benefit after spending 1,000 Experience.
Current targets for next update:
  • Equipment for all body slots
  • Languages
  • Better Skill explanations
  • Bestiary (a small one, anyway)


Buy Now$2.49 USD or more

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