Development Recap

It's been a long time between v.12 and v.13; almost two years. No new books or anything, just an update to the system. I've gotten more game development experience under my belt, and the timing felt right to get back to working on this. I do have a couple other projects I'm working on (which you can find them all my past and present stuff here), but this is back up as a higher priority. So, let's talk about some of the changes that were made and what there is to look forward to.

The major thing is that the Action point system was removed. The issue was that there was just too much number juggling that was going on. Combat would get bogged down with people sitting there, trying to think of how to get the most efficiency out of their turn. Weapon choices were a lot more carefully considered (a good and reasonable thing, as this will be fairly equipment based as the setting lacks magic), but also meant that balancing each weapon was a nightmare, and no other equipment choice seemed to matter as much (a very bad thing). Now, you get multiple actions much like other tabletop systems (though you get more as you increase in level).

Speaking of which, a leveling system has been implemented, along with more Abilities and Class-specific Abilities. Equipment is being balanced and reviewed as well along with all of this to ensure progression feels good and enjoyable.

I know that without more material, this means very little. As it stands, you can't exactly pick up and play the game. This next month, I'll be releasing the beginnings of 2 books. The first is the Bestiary, which will have all sort of creatures and monsters in it. The second will be the Research & Development guide, with all sorts of equipment and "procedures" for enhancing your characters. Both of these will be somewhat rudimentary, much like the initial version of the core book was, but it'll be something that's useable and that I can get feedback from people on.

I'm attending an RPG writing workshop this next month while I work on this, as well as while I look for employment (although if you wanted to support further development here I'd be very appreciative; I'd like to work on games like this full time if possible). I do hope to start releasing more rulebooks and adventure packs for this, so please stay tuned.


Ego of Epimetheus v.13.pdf 221 kB
Jun 29, 2018
EoE Character Sheet v.13.pdf 36 kB
Jun 29, 2018

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