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(A new and less painful version of this can be found at https://cannibalinteractive.itch.io/i-have-low-stats-but-my-class-is-leader-so-i-recruited-everyone-i-know )

Ever wanted to use a party of 99 characters in turn-based combat against a single boss?

Ever wanted a complicated 19 stat system where absolutely nothing is explained to you?

Ever wanted 24 types of elemental damage types that currently have no effect?

Ever wanted to see how severely the RPG Maker MV engine can lag when using the base assets because I don't have time to make real art or music because naming all of the skills for each character and giving them functionality was exhausting?

...Well, you may not have wanted any of these things, but here it is.

Note: There was an ongoing bounty where the first person to have video evidence that they've beaten this game will get every public project I have made and will make for free. As this has been claimed, there is a new bounty (same prize) for anyone that can manage to defeat the boss in either a single turn, or with only using a single character's Skills command (as in only one character for the whole fight; the others must Attack or Defend. Gambler and Mimic are not allowed as the one character to use skills for this restriction). I must emphasize that you should not feel bad for trying and failing, as this game is meant to be a test against the hubris of humanity.

Download & program instructions:
1. Click the download button below.
2. Once the file has finished downloading, unzip the folder.
3. It should ask you where to extract the game folder to. Pick someplace where you'll remember the game is (My Documents, for example).
4. Once that is finished, open the 'Mighty 99 Demo' folder.
5. Double-click on 'Game.exe'.

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
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GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsComedy, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Strategy RPG


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