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In 'I Have Low Stats But My Class Is "Leader", So I Recruited Everyone I Know To Fight The Dark Lord', or 'IHLSBMCILSIREIKTFTDL' for short, you primarily play as the main character Josephine, fated to defeat the Dark Lord. However, as she's generally unskilled in combat, she recruits literally everyone in her hometown to fight enemies with a party of 99 characters!


  • Nearly 100 characters to recruit and use!
  • A decent variety of skills and equipment for each character!
  • 24 different elemental types, from Slashing and Fire to Legal and Financial damage!
  • Plenty of status effects! Become Absolved, drown in Bloodlust, and deal with Allergies!
  • No leveling system; with so many characters, that's just excessive!
  • Rather than an open world, have a simple level-based world map! Never worry about missing out on anything!
  • Everything from boss fights to cutting hair in a combat setting!
  • Puns! Mostly relegated to item descriptions and such, but if that's a selling point for you then great!

There are currently only 4 worlds, but many more worlds/levels will be added (roughly 40 total in the full game)! You can try the 1 world demo below. If you enjoy it, please consider supporting the development by purchasing a copy while it's still in Early Access, or by backing me on Patreon!

Please use the Discussion Board linked to on this page, contact me on Twitter at @DeveloperDamien, or email me at cannibalinteractive@gmail.com.

Latest Update 06/02/19:
-World 5 and 6 added!
-Some small dialogue fixes and status effect bug fixes.

Other Notes:
-If you load in on World 4 and can't seem to get to World 5, head back to World 3 and re-enter.
-Levels 5-3 and 6-5 are sparse on characters for now; I'm leaving space to add dialogue for characters with plot points that I don't explain in depth when we hit their events, as the main point of these levels is character interaction.
-"Damage All" skills instantly aggro the enemy; haven't found an elegant way of fixing this, so will be rebalancing the skills cost and damage to feel appropriate.
-Several Teamwork skills just aren't that useful outside of very specific situations. Will be changing the functionality of these in the next patch.
-Will also be considering the role of items/equipment and changing them next patch too. Next week will be the functionality update, then it's back to adding more areas.

Prior patch on 04/28/19:
-Slight adjustments to Judith's stats
-Party member skills that inflicted Bravado, Violent, Heatstroke, Flu, and Introversion have been reworked.
-The stat 'Teamwork' now works as intended, affecting the damage Combo skills do, as well as the strength of most Hp healing skills.
-The Attack command has been reduced in power, as it was calculating user's Attack Power at a much higher value than it should have been. It was double, but has been changed to x1.4 and we'll be watching how well this works for balance.
-A bug with a level 4-7 battle scene was fixed.
-Enemy 'Target All' skills no longer cause lag/framedrop issues.
-A testing dungeon, 'Development Hell', has been added to the town. If you have everyone in the party, the building that normally says "Coming Soon" will lead to this. There's a chest with weapons for testing and 50 boss fights balanced for the end game; some are upgraded versions of enemies already in the game, and some aren't. Please send me feedback if you can!

Updated 12 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Comedy, Pixel Art, RPG Maker


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