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  • Developer Damien Crawford
  • Release Date 8 October 2019
  • Platforms Pc/Mac
  • Price 14.99 USD



'I Have Low Stats But My Class Is "Leader", So I Recruited Everyone I Know To Fight The Dark Lord' is a comedy RPG where you play as 99 characters at once.


  • A strategy/puzzle RPG where you have to figure out how to best handle each battle!
  • Deal with limited character selection, bosses that are only weak to 1 of 24 different elements, and over 100 different battles!
  • Learn how to use buffs, debuffs, and character combos to survive powerful foes!
  • Levels vary from combats that test your patience to optional dialogue scenes!
  • No open world, grinding, or missable items! No time wasting, just gameplay!
  • A story that is most like "what if a massive adventuring party went on a field trip together".


I originally wanted to see how complex of an RPG I could make and have people still play it, so I created a prototype over the course of a month. I received a sizable amount of views and feedback about it, and while most was about people explaining how hard it as, I was interested in how well it had gotten such attention. So I began working on a full length (and less painful to play) version which can be found here. People also seemed to appreciate the opening joke a lot, so I decided to build the game around the humorous situations that such a large cast of characters would get into when faced with typical JRPG tropes. 


I'm an independent game developer from Sacramento, and I've been doing this since 2012. I've participated in multiple game jams and produced games ranging from diceless tabletop games to traditional 40-hour RPGs.

I also run 'I Wasn't Gonna Make This Anyway Jam', where instead of taking time to make a game, you make materials for a fake game. I also have a twitter bot that generates news reports that could happen in RPGs.


Coding: Yanfly, SumRndmDde, Damien Crawford

Music: Karugamo BGM, Damien Crawford

Engine & Art: Enterbrain, KADOKAWA, Damien Crawford

Writing, Design, Etc.: Damien Crawford

Find additional game screenshots and gifs in the press folder! 


IHLSBMCIL Press Folder.zip 29 MB