The "final" update!

Hello everyone! While for a lot of people today's just Tuesday, today's a very important day for me. The day I never have to look at this project again if I don't want to. But seriously, let's go over what's actually new here.

The biggest change is bug and scene fixes. Some scenes had problems or finicky timings that could potentially prevent you from getting any further in the game (which is awful and I'm sorry). Those are all fixed, and after multiple run-throughs I can say the game is in a beatable state.

An adjustment that I made after receiving some complaints about the "single useful element" fights was that "important" (characters that actually have a skill that use that element) will have a unique status effect. The tutorial for this happens on level 2-2, so if you've played past that and want to see it, there it is.

Other fixes include some skill cost balancing, some enemy stat (mostly Hp) reductions, and an additional fight added to the final zone. The only future adjustments I plan on will be further combat balancing, but everything appears to function as it should now.

Thank you all for your patience and support through all of this, and I hope you enjoy the game!


Dec 04, 2019
Dec 04, 2019

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Would you consider making Combo moves auto-complete if the other participant is able to act and it's not immediately the enemy's turn?  Scrolling up and down through the menu for characters that I happened to add further apart that have a combo is a pain.  Speaking of, is there a way to reorder the party?

I have a lot that I could say about QoL issues with the game, but you said you didn't have plans for that sort of thing, so the part I mentioned was the only thing that I thought you might consider.

There are a ton of problems, even beyond what one might expect from a game that is, in spirit, a very high-effort s***post, but it's still an really interesting game and I'm glad that I had the chance to play it on account of the super-bundle that you so kindly added it to.  The character interactions are great and I only regret that there aren't more of them.

I'm looking forward to finishing this game and playing the other ones you added to that bundle.  Let me know if there's any type of feedback on this game that would still be useful to you.

Combo moves are meant to be strong at the cost of being a pain to pull off. Also, due to how the game engine handles things, making combo skills work that way would be even more annoying than the current version since it'd have to check if the character is alive, if they're in the party at all due to certain fights removing characters, if they have enough Mp, if they have status effects to see if they have the appropriate amount of Mp... and as you can see from certain skills like "Dispel All"s, the engine doesn't like when I tack on a lot of conditionals anyway.

Again, due to certain fights where party members are removed/restricted, I have to add them all back in through the engine's Common Event system, so it all gets reordered the same way every time. While I could let people order their own way, I can't store the info on how you reorder them, so I felt it'd be best to prevent that and have frustration over regularly having the locations reset, and instead have the consistency.

I did have more character interactions and skills/combos I wanted to add in, but making a thing like this takes a lot of stamina, and I eventually had to cut things back if I was ever going to release something I could call "complete". I'm not done with the universe/characters and I'm making a new game with them (more combat systems focused, like a boss rush/puzzle game), but I really don't have it in me to work on this game outside of bug fixes. It took two years and the game engine was screaming all the while. There's a reason people don't make things quite like this in RPG Maker; it absolutely hates animating and keeping track of this much stuff, and the workarounds I did to make it at least this playable are many.

It doesn't want me to add anything more, and I'm fine with that. I'll make other games with some relation, and maybe I'll write up some short stories of interactions I couldn't find a good cutscene place for in the game and add it as a word file at some point, but I have to move on from this game.