A demo for a 99 character RPG.
Role Playing
Legend of Moros is a game that aims to bring the 'strategy' back to turn-based RPG's.
Role Playing
A pacifist arcade game where you can only run away.
​A chiptrance soundtrack for a currently fake game.
A bot for #PROCJAM that reports on news in your local fantasy setting every hour.
A game about being in an adventuring guild and filling out paperwork
Just some thoughts that needed putting down
A LDJam game about mental health.
Role Playing
A prototype for a jam game, and maybe a future project
Control 99 characters against a 999999 HP boss.
Role Playing
My very first jam game from 2014
Role Playing
Ego of Epimetheus is a frankenpunk science fiction tabletop game.
Navigate labyrinths and evade monsters!
Role Playing

Commercial Games


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