A roguelite RPG about plundering a psychic hellmaw for personal closure, and building a village beyond the grave.
Role Playing
A game where you work fast food, and nothing else.
Many mazes and points of paranoia
A nation downfall generator
The experience of playing golf for the first time
A one floor 2-bit roguelike first person dungeon crawler.
Role Playing
It says not to duplicate the title but like, c'mon
Role Playing
A 50 floor labyrinth of nonsense
A basic study of game loops
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You have $10 for three days.
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An exercise in nonsense.
Role Playing
The first set of a card game I might do more with.
119 Troika backgrounds and 15 spells for whatever you'd need that many for.
Typical fantasy game but racing is used in place of combat
A game about being in an adventuring guild and filling out paperwork
Control 99 characters against a 999999 HP boss.
Role Playing
An attempt at a Kaizo-style RPG where there's a lot of options but not many solutions
Role Playing
Legend of Moros is a game that aims to bring the 'strategy' back to turn-based RPG's.
Role Playing
A pacifist arcade game where you can only run away.
A bunch of haiku I wrote for a poetry jam
​A chiptrance soundtrack for a currently fake game.
A bot for #PROCJAM that reports on news in your local fantasy setting every hour.
Just some thoughts that needed putting down
A LDJam game about mental health.
Role Playing
A prototype for a jam game, and maybe a future project
My very first jam game from 2014
Role Playing
Ego of Epimetheus is a frankenpunk science fiction tabletop game.
Navigate labyrinths and evade monsters!
Role Playing
A 1,056 piece game from a manga that I had to try and make.
Presskit for 'It's Six Random Characters and a Single Floor Dungeon, That's the Whole Game'
Marketing info/resources for my 99 character RPG.
A compilation of screenshots and images for my studio.

Commercial Games


Things Made in Jams